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NTE5 Master Socket - NTE5A Telephone Socket NTE & IDC Terminating Tool

Manufacturer Part No: LJ5204 Web Code: CG/6762
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Key Features:

  • NTE5A Telephone Socket NTE & IDC Terminating Tool
  • Kauden Part Number: LJ5204
  • New Item in Sealed Package includes 12 Months Warranty
  • Includes 1 x NEW IDC Terminating Tool


This is the identical product to the one supplied by BT Openreach. BT''s product is own branded.
This is the latest version (NTE5A) with the filter on the bell wire circuit for improved ADSL performance.

The listing includes a IDC Tool Free of Charge to enable you to terminate the relevant wires

In recent years NTE5 sockets have been fitted in place of master sockets. These have a front plate where the lower-half is removable so allowing customer''s access to the terminals required for connecting internal extension sockets; it also provides access to a test jack, to determine if line faults are due to the customer''s wiring or BT''s. The removable panel also allows the external telephone line to be easily disconnected from the internal wiring, provided the wiring of the premises has been correctly carried out. The terminals on the back part are also IDC connections allowing direct connection to many types of external phone cables

Now that BT does not have a monopoly of internal wiring, they make a substantial charge if a fault reported to them turns out to be in the customer''s internal/domestic wiring. It is therefore important for the customer to have the facility to check whether any problem or fault is in their internal wiring/equipment or externally in BT''s cabling or systems. Since the NTE5 socket represents the official demarcation point between the internal/domestic wiring (at the removable front of the socket which is the customer''s responsibility) and the external telephone line/cabling fixed at the rear (which is BT''s responsibility) the physical disconnection of the two wires (made possible by the NTE5''s removable front plate) is crucial in identifying faults and allocating responsibility for their rectification.
The NTE5A is also proven to improve broadband speed within a customers premises. If you have a slow broadband connection & don''t already have the NTE5A this is ideal as a master socket or even a remote slave socket within the home

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