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Lucent Avaya Definity ACM TN771DP P/N 700393408 Grade 2 Refurbished

Manufacturer Part No: 700393408 Web Code: CG/6584
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Key Features:

  • Avaya Definity Lucent ACM TN771DP
  • Avaya Part Number: 700393408
  • Grade 2 Factory Refurbished, shrink wrapped, boxed and 3 months warranty
  • Fully Tested & Working


The TN771DP performs maintenance functions    
These functions include packet bus reconfiguration that allows diagnosis and correction of recoverable packet bus failures before the link access procedure on the D-channel (LAPD) links fail. LAPD is a link-layer protocol on the ISDN-BRI and ISDN-PRI data link layer (level 2). LAPD provides data transfer between 2 devices and error and flow control on multiple logical links. It recovers packet bus failures involving up to 3 malfunctioning leads (1 or 2 data or parity leads and 1 control lead) by swapping spare leads with the malfunctioning leads.    
Other maintenance functions include ISDN-PRI testing that originates and terminates loopback tests on ISDN facilities. It provides bit and block error rate information indicating ISDN facility quality.
A TN771DP is required in all si- and r-model standard reliability PPNs and critical reliability EPNs, all standard reliability PPNs when packet endpoints (BRI and/or ASAI) are supported, and in all critical reliability systems when packet endpoints are supported. The TN771DP can be used in the csi model, but is not required.
The TN771DP can be updated using the firmware download feature.

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