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Avaya Definity TN744E Call Classifier & Tone Detector TN 744E P/N 700393408

Manufacturer Part No: 700393408 Web Code: CG/6934
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Key Features:

  • Avaya Definity TN744E Call Classifier
  • Avaya Part Number: 700393408
  • New Item in Sealed Box includes 12 Months Warranty
  • Brand New in Sealed Avaya Box


The TN744 call classifier and tone detector circuit pack has eight ports of tone detection on the TDM bus. The TN744 circuit pack does not support call progress tone generation or clocking. The tone detectors are used in vector prompting, outgoing call management (OCM), and call prompting applications.The TN744 detects special intercept tones used in network intercept tone detection in OCM. The TN744 circuit pack also detects tones when a CO answers a call.     
The TN744 circuit pack provides tone generation and detection for R2-MFC DID signaling that is used in non-United States installations. The TN744 circuit pack also allows gain or loss to be applied to pulse code modulation (PCM) signals that are received from the bus and supports A-Law and ?-Law companding. The TN744 circuit pack detects 2025-Hz, 2100-Hz, or 2225-Hz modem answerback tones and provides normal broadband and wide broadband dial tone detection. 
The TN744 circuit pack supports digital signal processing of PCM signals on each port to detect, recognize, and classify tones and other signals. Generation of signaling tones is also supported for applications such as R2-MFC, Spain MF, and Russia MF. Gain or loss and conferencing can be applied to PCM signals received from the TDM bus. Additional support includes DTMF detectors to collect address digits during dialing, and A-Law and ?-Law companding. 
In normal operation, a port on the TN744 circuit pack can serve as an incoming register for Russia MFR (multi-frequency shuttle register signaling). Use the TN744 with the TN429C analog line central office trunk for CAMA/E911.?

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