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Avaya Definity ACM TN2464BP DS1 Interface Card TN2464

Manufacturer Part No: TN2464BP Web Code: CG/6705
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Key Features:

  • ACM TN2464BP DS1 Interface Card TN2464
  • Avaya Part Number: TN2464BP
  • Grade 1 Factory Refurbished, shrink wrapped, boxed and 6 months warranty


The TN2464BP DS1 circuit pack is designed for international use in both category A and category B. The TN2464BP has echo cancellation circuitry and firmware download capability. The TN2464BP supports T1 (24-channel) and E1 (32-channel) digital facilities. In ISDN-PRI applications, the ISDN D channel connects the TN1655 Packet Interface via the LAN bus. The TN2464BP has the same functionality as the TN464GP, which is for US and Canada offers only. The TN2464BP circuit pack provides:

  • Test jack access to the T1/E1 line
  • Board-level administrable A-/?-Law companding
  • CRC-4 generation and checking (E1 only)
  • Stratum-3 clock capability
  • Support for the 120A channel service unit module
  • CO, TIE, DID, off-premises station (OPS) port types that use robbed-bit signaling protocol,proprietary bit-oriented signaling (BOS) 24th-channel signaling protocol, or DMI-BOS 24thchannelsignaling protocol
  • Unpolarized, balanced-pair, line-out (LO) and line-in (LI) signal leads
  • Support for the enhanced maintenance capabilities of the enhanced integrated channel service unit(ICSU)
  • Support for Avaya IVR
  • Channel-associated signaling protocols for many countries (for details, contact your Avayarepresentative)

The TN2464BP can be updated using the firmware download feature, which requires use of the TN799 C-LAN interface

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